Strength Trainer, and Medical Exercise Specialist.

As a Strength Trainer,  I work with people of all ages, and of all ability levels.  From elite athletes, looking to excel, to every day people who want to become stronger, increase cardio endurance, alleviate chronic pain, loose fat, and feel better!​  Training is approached as a practice rather than repeating "workouts".  Using sound science, I teach principles of strength and resilience.  Strength and resilience cross over to all sports, including a long and active life!

As a Medical Exercise Specialist, I work with people who have been injured or have recovered from surgery, and have completed any Physical Therapy or Rehab.  I have been trained to handle a myriad of medical conditions, and orthopedic issues, including total joint replacements, and conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease if the patient has been cleared for exercise by their licensed health care provider.  I can report directly to, and work with doctors and therapists to insure positive outcomes.

I became a Personal Trainer  2007

        Mission Statement

To meet each potential Student where they are.  To teach movement patterns and strength principles that will help them to gain strength and resilience in a way that is understood by them.  To guide them with a practice that will add strong movement patterns to help them reach their fitness goals without causing damage.  To learn more about advances made in the study of human movement as it pertains to health, strength, and chronic pain management.

I identify as a Personal Trainer.  I do not work for a gym or fitness company.  I am fully independent, certified, and insured.  I have a small gym in my home, and I travel to Students' homes, parks, and gyms within the Las Vegas area.  I offer a wide variety of programs to fit most any budget and schedule, including on-line options. 

After a 20+ year career in Early Childhood Education, I became a Personal Trainer and earned my NSCA-CPT.  I fell in love with kettlebells, and what they did for me.  So, I earned my Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor Cert. ,SFG, in 2009. The more people I worked with, the more passion I found for helping more people, so in 2017, I earned my Medical Exercise Specialist, MES, that included a much deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology so that I can help people manage their medical conditions with exercise. 

Schedule a Meeting

Contact me, see my number and email at the bottom of this page, so that we can make a plan for you.  I do not have a "one plan fits all" plan.  I meet each person where they are and we go from there.  I do offer regular, small group training options for people who demonstrate safe form in personal sessions and wish to workout with peers.  

I offer "Assembly style" presentations to help with ergonomics and over-use issues at work, and am always happy to speak to sports teams, senior groups, and most anyone interested in moving better, and getting stronger.


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